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  • ABC’s of Making Yourself and Your Business Antifragile

    If you haven’t read any books written by Nassim Taleb, I highly recommend them.  He has authored many, most notably The Black Swan, and most recently, Antifragile.  Taleb’s core theme throughout his writing is how to embrace and profit from randomness, volatility, variability, chaos or other “black swan” events. I need to make a few definitions if you are not

  • Generational Differences in the Workplace

    I recently read a great article, authored by Pat Perry of ERC Health Select on generational differences.   I took a few minutes to contemplate how my career has progressed and how I was able to succeed, not only in my current role, but also as a young man just entering the work force. My very first job after college was

  • A Tribute

    On May 22, 2013 my maternal grandfather, Norman C. Koch, passed away after a lengthy illness.  His passing made me think back to his life and some of the stories he told. Norm was a Korean War veteran, US Army.  From what I understand he was a truck driver in the military.  I say, from what I understand, because he

  • 3 Ways Your Business Can Start Acting Like Disney

    My wife, kids and I recently took the requisite American pilgrimage to hell on earth…… whoops……. I mean Disney World.  While dealing with crowds en masse and having pushy parents ramming strollers into my ankles is not my idea of a fun vacation, I was amazed with witnessing first hand the Disney way of doing business.  Any company able to

  • As a patient and a consultant…

    I spend a lot of my time in physicians’ offices, thankfully for me most of the time it is in a consulting role and not as a patient.  Here is one thing that I have learned over the years, often times, physicians look at their patients only as patients and not as consumers of services.  On a whole, this is