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  • Think Like Howard and Win a $50 Gift Card!

    Think like Howard and Possibly Win $50 to Great Lakes Brewery! I enjoy the combative arguing………errrrrr…..I mean healthy dialogue, which we engage in at The Barney Advisory Group regarding a variety of topics (someone here is a Yankee’s fan – and it isn’t me!).  It really is so much fun, that I thought we should reach out and get you

  • The Cost of Dying – Who Pays?

    A hot topic recently in global news is the downward turn in the health of Nelson Mandela at 95 years old.  Obviously a great, strong man that when he does pass away will be a loss for the entire world.  I thought I would blog about this to discuss not only my internal confliction but to be able to generate

  • 3 Simple Steps to Awesome Employees

    Our fearless leader, Chris Barney had a great blog last week regarding leadership and his thoughts on how to lead in such a way as to create committed employees.  I am piggybacking from Chris’s blog and providing you 3 concrete steps to drive employee engagement, commitment, productivity and longevity within your organization. Volumes of books, studies and articles have been

  • My Commitment

    According to a recent gallop poll, 30% of our countries employees are engaged and inspired at work.  Another 18% are actively disengaged.  As a small & growing business owner, this not only caught my eye but it also really frightened me. I have always been a proponent and preached numerous times to disengaged employees and co-workers.  There is only one

  • There are Many Benefits to Utilizing an HSA

    Did you know that the same MRI with the same quality and magnet strength can cost different amounts at different facilities? This is a true statement and is mostly based on the location of the imaging facility. And, these amounts can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in difference and can really impact your out-of-pocket costs. Because of this,