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  • Life As I See It

    Dedication, commitment and loyalty.   If you have these three things in your life, your personal and professional lives will take care of themselves. Whenever someone asks me how I view my life, those are the only three words that enter my thoughts.  In my opinion if you invest those simple, yet, incredibly difficult words you never have to worry about

  • See a Doctor from the Comfort of your Couch!

    I previously wrote a blog in regards to which facility would be appropriate when seeking medical attention. I described different ailments and the different options to receive care. Most importantly, I discussed the alternatives to running off to the emergency room and compared costs of different facilities. Last week, when speaking with a patient, I inquired why he went to

  • New Years Resolutions!

    The one thing that has been a topic of conversation for everyone lately is New Year’s Resolutions. Lets think about the traditional – lose weight, drink less, eat better, exercise, sleep more, stop smoking – these are all  great ideas but are really things that we should all be doing any time of year, not just at the beginning of

  • Anything the Government can do the Free Market can do Better

    The majority of Americans want limited government.  Per a recent Gallup poll, almost 57% said they want less government involvement in their lives, only 17% think there is appropriate oversight on the NSA, the overwhelming majority want lower taxes for themselves and over 75% of Americans believe a 35% corporate tax rate is egregious (and in reality you can’t tax

  • Relationships in Diverse Cultures, Races, Genders, and Religions

    I woke up this morning after a very interesting week of travels and a trending topic that has hit social media over the last 24 hours and thought I would comment. To give everyone a bit of my background.  I grew up in Salamanca, NY.  Many people know Salamanca for a few things.  One, to get to Salamance, the exit