Featured Projects

Client: Nestle

Duration: 3 years

A food manufacturing plant for Nestle was undergoing a very disruptive $70 million capital expansion project which revolutionized the processes the plant had in place for over 50 years. The plant specialized in making products for chefs including soups, dips and bases. They are a small batch facility which runs over 400 unique SKUs every year. The high number of SKUs created an additional complexity to the transition in process and equipment.

Nestle management was referred to The Barney Advisory Group to help them effectively and efficiently manage the expansion project. During the 3 years we spent working with Nestle we developed, managed and helped execute a project with over 15,000 tasks and involving hundreds of stakeholders.

Our team facilitated seamless interaction between all departments within the plant including: operations, quality, human resources, procurement etc. The Barney Advisory Group also managed an extensive vendor changeover process at the corporate level in Solon. We also provided transparency in reporting to upper management at the corporate level and facilitated extreme accountability throughout the continuum of the project.


Client: Kobe Steel

Duration: 2 years

A $60 million capital equipment division of Kobe Steel engaged The Barney Advisory Group to facilitate 12 internal projects which had failed to yield results prior to The Barney Advisory Group being retained.

Our team conducted a situational analysis of all projects, coached the in house project managers, made changes in scope, reorganized each project team and created a culture of accountability for each project team in a very short time.

As of this writing The Barney Advisory Group has delivered project completion resulting in many key outcomes including: implementation of scheduling software, significant cost down on many product lines, developing Lean work cells and cut down time to tear down and rebuild equipment by over 30%.


Client: ERC Health Select

Duration: 6 Years

A business, development and clinical consulting project that is in conjunction with Oswald Companies and Anthem of Ohio. The Barney Advisory Group was hired to launch this insurance based product that links itself with patient Centered Medical Homes throughout the State of Ohio.

To date the program has expanded statewide and has well over 100 location along with over 600 physicians.

The program has consistently lowered medical loss ratios for this risk pool. It has also been instrumental in improving the health of the population of 42,000 plus members.