Change, Both Personally and Professionally

Over the last three years, I have not only personally had a lot of change in my life, but I have also seen many forms of change with friends and loved ones alike.  Personally, I quit my job, started a successful business, lost 130 lbs. and many, many more things.  I have seen friends and loved ones move, start new jobs, get married, get divorced etc.  We have also seen a lot of change throughout our great nation that has affected all of us.  I want to share a few stories that help me explain my view on change.

On a personal note, I have seen one of my very best friends go through a pretty life altering event.  This young lady had a rough patch of time in which she decided to get divorced from her husband.  I love this story because it shows not only courage, perseverance and heart, but it also shows how change can be embraced and often times lead to bigger and better things, if you have a positive attitude.  The transformation from the lowest of lows to where she is at now has been an incredible journey.  The one thing she told me from the beginning is that she believed in her decision and that change, although hard for her and her family, was the right move for her success and her children’s well-being.

I have seen this scenario many times before where the exact opposite has happened.  Many have let the situation of change, swallow and control their entire life. They let the change control them, they were unable to dictate their thoughts and were unable to grasp that the situation is what you make it.  I cannot be more proud of this young lady and her family.  Her ability to not only manage the change but to embrace it and thrive has been a treat and privilege to watch.

On a business note, we are all experiencing a lot of change and one thing on the horizon is Obamacare.  I recently had a heated argument about Obamacare with a good friend.  Ultimately, the root of the argument came down to a difference in perspective.  I can’t necessarily explain his perspective, so I won’t try, but here is how I see this.  First, I can’t worry about it as there is nothing I can do, nor nothing that I can control.  So my concern as a small business owner is: How do I make this work for me?  How can we help?

Tracy Stross (Director, Clinical Consulting) and I are very well versed in the whole Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative that is sweeping through the country.  We are working with small private practices to achieve this recognition.  PCMH help practices to not only generate more revenue into their facilities, it will also help with marketing initiatives, and most importantly will help them stay independent and out of the large hospital system.  This is a win for both providers and as consumers because of the increase in high quality,  low-cost providers we can all choose from.  Second, as everyone knows, for every law that is put in place, if you are creative and innovative there are ways to utilize it to your advantage.  We are working with insurance brokers and managed care organizations to achieve just that.  How legally can you offer different plans that business owners and consumers will purchase?  Is it private exchanges or intermingling with public exchanges? The point is there are ways to utilize this to your advantage, and legally not cheat the system.  This is where you can differentiate yourself from business and co-workers.

Another incredible opportunity is for increased revenue possibilities based on the fact that 25 million more individuals will have access to care.  As a consulting business, we set out to help consult practices on when, where and who hire so when the onslaught of patients comes in the door, they are ready.  We will ensure they have all the systems in place to execute and have everyone working to their highest abilities.  This is where our organization sees the value.  This is where when everyone else in the country is bitching, we are embracing the change and seizing the day.  In no way does this mean that I believe or support this legislation, it just shows that I won’t let the situation dictate our success as a small business.  We will control and direct the outcome.

The moral of this story is that from a personal and business perspective, you two choices.  Either sit back and let change absorb and kill you, or embrace the change and make it work for you.  Help everyone in your life that depends on you, embrace the change, control the change and be a positive influence on making the best of the situation.




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