We’ve listed some of our success stories below — not to gloat — but they are listed for you to find comfort in knowing that handling needs like yours is what we do every day at The Barney Advisory Group.  You can trust that we’ll deliver measurable results for your project.  Click on the project name below to learn about our successes.

Health Care

Health Care Industry Patient-Center Medical Home

  • Developed business plan
  • Oversaw financial management and budgeting for all aspects of the project, including construction, human resources, marketing and general management
  • Handled financial investments and negotiations
  • Conducted contract development and settlement
  • Carried out implementation project management
  • Led execution and oversight management
  • Spearheaded successful launch
  • Made program and project communications andpresentations to all investors, executives and boardof directors

Project value: $1.25 million

Physician Management Software Installation (Large Hospital System)

  • Oversaw project management for installation of 500+ physician locations
  • Led data collection and reporting
  • Generated complex tracking systems to ensure that locations, PCs and personnel were aligned and accounted for
  • Presented status and updates to executive teams
  • Managed communications between all individualdepartments
  • Managed communications and expectations forselected vendors
  • Eliminated practice downtime through vendor time management and schedule alignments.

Project Value: More than $1 million

Critical Utility System Replacement (Hospital)

  • Conducted pre-commencement cost/benefit analysis
  • Controlled vetting of potential vendors
  • Provided complete contingency planning to ensurepatient safety
  • Engaged and coordinated clinical staff
  • Employed green technology that saved more than 1 million gallons of waste water per year in addition to other energy savings

Project Value: $280,000

Enterprise Asset Management Software Implementation (Large Teaching Hospital)

• Oversaw collection of 12,000+ assets
• Designed an asset management plan
• Conducted detailed risk assessments
• Prioritized budget items based on industry best practice

Project Value: $300,000 


Manufacturing Industry Custom Equipment

• Designed a patented piece of equipment (U.S. 6,913,650 B2) • Oversaw project management
• Managed vendors and contractors
• Negotiated contracts
• Handled customer relations
• Served as integration specialist

Project Value: $2.3 million 

Product Line Continuous Improvement

  • Conducted systemic evaluation of product line shortfalls
  • Generated statistical analysis of throughput and bottlenecks
  • Provided staff monitoring, large-scale scheduling down todetailed break and leave analysis
  • Supplied re-engineering and design consulting
  • Made enhancement estimates and product line matrix

Project Outcome: $630,000 in waste savings for one year and a reduction of 1.4 FTE 


Facility Construction (Numerous locations worldwide)

  • Oversaw project management
  • Provided financial analysis and evaluations
  • Negotiated contracts
  • Carried out financial and fiscal borrowing development
  • Led facility staffing and hiring

Project Value: More than $8.5 million 

Small Business

Other Projects Mid-Sized Retail Startup

  • Led mission ideation process
  • Created strategic objectives
  • Negotiated and secured traditional and non-traditional financing
  • Conducted pre-commencement market feasibility analysis
  • Vetted initial staff
  • Oversaw initial regulatory compliance

Project Value: $500,000